July TV Magazine Scans: Superhero Senki, Saber, Trigger & Zenkaiger

Updated: Jun 30

Dear Readers. Bear with me. I know these are extremely low-quality scans. But I'll cover each one of them separately when the High-Quality scans get released tonight.

Kamen Rider 1 with his Old Suit will also ride Old Cyclone in Superhero Senki.

Scan from Kamen Rider Saber TV Series. If you see on the left side, just beside Kamen Rider Storious' face. He seems to have some followers of some sort. Are those the four sages who were mentioned in one of the mid series episode?

A new scan from Ultraman Trigger. Alien Barossa's back. Just to defeat him we are gonna get Ultraman Z. Some other scans show him fighting against Gubila, Gazort, Gymaira & Golba. Too many Gs ain't it?

Some scans of Super Zenkaizer, Super Twokaizer & Zenkaiju-Oh in a fight. The drill weapon which Super Zenkaizer is holding will become his tail in Zenkaiju-Oh. Super Zenkaizer can become a giant too before becoming Zenkaiju-Oh.

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