Jun Shison (ToQ 1gou) Had A Heart Failure Recently: Hospitalized and Now Recovering

Actor Jun Shison who had played Right / ToQ 1gou in Ressha Sentai ToQger was hospitalized recently due to Acute Mycocarditis / Pericarditis which is one of the severe disease which both affect heart muscles, with symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath. This also lead to heart failure.

On April 13th, Jun Shison had reported on his Social Media that he has been now discharged from the hospital and slowly recovering. He had expressed his feelings and his story of his fight with this disease.


"To everyone.

I have caused inconvenience and made everyone worry.

I was able to discharge from hospital the other day. I am having rehabilitation to return back to my normal life. I was affected by the disease - acute mycocarditis / pericarditis.

I thought it was just a symptom of cold. But gradually it become difficult to breathe, chest began to hurt. When I went to hospital I had heart failure.

After that I went through various tests and was put in ICU so that conditions doesn't get worse. Because of various treatments, I was able to avoid deterioration. I get chills thinking that just in case if I reached the hospital a little late, if I kept taking it lightly then what would have even happen.

I was having a hard time at the hospital and I was about to break my heart many times. But because of the support & messages of my family, comrades, friends, I was saved.

I would like to thank everyone related to the work and my talent agency for considering the situation and making sudden adjustments because of my problems.

I would like express my sincere gratitude to all the healthcare professionals for treating & taking care of me during this pandemic.

I am really thankful.

I can't let my guard down. While facing the current condition of my body, I will move a step forward slowly. For now, I am happy that I am alive. I am waiting for the day to meet everyone."

(Source - Jun Shison's Twitter & Instagram via JEFusion)

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