Junretsuger Suit Actors Announced : Zero-One's Yuya Nawata, Mashin Chaser's Yasuko Imai & more

Normally when someone makes a Sentai Parody film, the one inside the suit will be the actual actors themselves to give it a comedic atmosphere. But when it comes to Toei's official Sentai Parody film "Super Sento Junretsuger", the suit actors will be professionals from Japan Action Enterprise.

  • Yuichi Hachisuka as Jun Green (Recently played Kamen Rider Naki)

  • Yuya Nawata as Jun Red (Recently played Kamen Rider Zero-One)

  • Takashi Sakamoto as Jun Blue (Recently played Hurricane Yellow in Hurricaneger 10 YEARS AFTER)

  • Kotaro Kaji as Jun Violet (Recently played Stag Smash in Kamen Rider Build)

  • Yasuko Imai as Jun Violet (Notable roles - Mashin Chaser, Sasori Orange, Kamen Rider Bravo)

I not known why Jun Violet has two suit actors. Could this hint to some upgrade form?

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