Kamen Rider Buster Manga Details Revealed: Ryo's Highschool Love, Meeting His Wife & Becoming Buster

TTFC had revealed some additional details on "Bessatsu Kamen Rider Saber: Manga - Kamen Rider Buster" today. Chapter 1 will focus on Ryo Ogami's story of becoming Kamen Rider Buster for the first time, his High School life and him meeting his future wife.

Chapter 1: "Ultimate Youth Part-1"

Ryo Ogami is a High School student who has been influenced to fight by Showa's Gangsters. But he can't go against his childhood friend Haruka Kiritani who is also Student Council President. Ryo had feelings of love for Haruka.

One day he was going to buy his favourite Cola, but it was out of stock at the vending machine. Instead he finds a square thing below it. It was the Wonder Ride Book of Genbu Shinwa.

First Chapter will be serialized on TTFC app from February 28th.

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