Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form 21 & Zi-O Decade Armer Saber Form Unveiled | Kivala & Kuuga Returns

Have a First Look at Kamen Rider Decade's New Complete Form → Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form 21 & Kamen Rider Zi-O Decade Armer Saber Form (Brave Dragon).

Decade's New Complete Form has the Cards of all 20 Heisei Riders' Ultimate form + Reiwa's Zero-Two Card above the Complete Form card on the head. Grand Zi-O Card is placed at the centre of the chest.

The New K-Touch placed on the Neo Decadriver has 21 written on it counting from Kuuga to Zero-One. He also uses Diendriver as the weapon.

Zi-O will use Saber's Ride Watch to transform into Decade Armer Saber Form.

Another Ryuga & the Ryuki monsters are the villains of RIDER TIME: Decade Vs Zi-O.

But Oma Zi-O seems to be the main villain of the RIDER TIME as per the teaser. Diend, Kivala & Decade's Kuuga are confirmed to appear to fight against Oma Zi-O.