Kamen Rider Decade Heroine - Kanna Mori Announced Her Marriage

Actress Kanna Mori who had played Natsumi Hikari (Kamen Rider Kiva-la) in Kamen Rider Decade had announced her marriage today on her Instagram. Along with that, she had also announced that she had resigned from her current agency - Sony Music Artists, and changed her stage name to Kanna Mori to Kanna Moriya. (Kanna Mori had changed her stage name to Kanna Moriya in 2017 when she signed the management contract with Sony Music Artists.)


To everyone, I want announce that I have made entry into Basketball Player Yudai Baba's family. I still don't have clear meaning of becoming a part of someone's life, marrying someone. But now the world looks really different. When I think about staying by the side of him with refreshing smile, I feel I can live strong. I am happy to know what it means to make a family. I have one more announcement, This time I have left SMA and have changed my name to Kanna Mori. I will continuing my career like this. When we don't know what happens in the current world, I want to place my feet on the ground and walk my life properly. By becoming Independent, I can take the responsibility and live my life in this wide world. I want to Thank everyone at SMA for understanding my decision and accepting it from their hearts. It was sudden pile of announcements. But even from now I will live as a human, an actor with love in my heart. Thank You everytime. July 1st, Reiwa Year 3 Kanna Mori

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