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DEBUNKED - Kamen Rider G Filming Spotted: Sequel in Works as Part of Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary?

Updated: Mar 16

An image from a filming surfaced online. The person who uploaded it claims it to be from the filming of Kamen Rider G.

The suit does and also doesn't resemble Kamen Rider G. So the question is, is this official? (and not some fan cosplay filming).

He is also seen along with a Shocker Combatmen. This Combatmen has a suit design that the usual ones.

Kamen Rider G was produced as part of TV-Asahi 50th Anniversary. So maybe he is returning as part of Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary which will be celebrated in April.

This could be for a Variety Show to commemorate the anniversary or maybe related to that Shin Kamen Rider...

Can Goro Inagaki return back for this? He is no longer part of Johnny's so he wouldn't have any restrictions.


Turns out it wasn't Kamen Rider G. Both the figures spotted were Rental Suits used for some fan filming.

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