Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents New Info Dropped → New Secretary Humagear to Encounter Genm

As promised, TTFC had dropped the first information on Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents. This is once again a Mini Series consisting of two episodes. First Episode will stream on April 11 & then Second Episode on April 18.

The first still released features Kamen Rider Genm in his usual awkward pose with what seems to be a New Secretary Humagear in the back with yellow uniform. There will be some connection to the so called "Kamen Rider Thouser: THE PRESIDENT".

No cast was announced. So I guess, we'll get know the cast & if any new forms on the last minute of the stream.

TTFC is currently promoting this Spin-off as "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with Zero-One".

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