Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai Spin-Off Pics Leaked: Evil Vulcan & Valkyrie?, Fuwa, Yua & Azu Confirmed

Leaked images from Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai which will be officially released tomorrow.

There will be two people who are going dressed up in a combat uniform. New Unit of A.I.M.S.? Well these two are seen holding some kind of Progrise Key? New counterparts of Rushing Cheetah and Shooting Wolf Progrise Key? Evil Vulcan and Valkyrie?

Well the blue thing is a bit off. Yeah, it doesn't look like a Progrise Key, but the Orange one does.

If you look closely, they do have earpiece similar to Jin. So these two are Humagears created by ZAIA?

There will be a guy in suit who may be the one who appears before Jin saying "I have come to retrieve you". Maybe a person from ZAIA. That would also explain why Gai Amatsu is present there.

Fuwa-san and Yua are also going to be in the movie. Yua seems to be standing in front of ZAIA Board Members.

And lastly, Azu is also going to be in this and looks like she planning to her the guy in the suit the next Ark-sama.

Or could it be they are talking with Jin and he is the next Ark?

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