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Kamen Rider Revice Complete Cast & Character Introduction

Updated: Jul 28

Kentaro Maeda as Ikki Igarashi / Kamen Rider Revi

First Son of the Public Bath "Shiawase Yu". He is caring & has a strong sense of justice. No one can beat him in passion. He takes up any unreasonable demand by saying "Leave it your brother". He used to hear 'Devil's Whisper' from long back. But never cared because of his selfless personality. One day, he & his family were attacked by Deadmans. Because of his will to protect his family, Ikki properly listens to Devil's voice for the first time. He makes a deal with Devil and transforms into Kamen Rider.

Subaru Kimura as Vice / Kamen Rider Vice (Voice)

He is the devil that lives inside Ikki. He is not serious at all. He is so annoying that it's like he is the combination of thousand devils. Because of the deal with Ikki, he is materialized as Kamen Rider Vice. He is a helpful buddy for Ikki to fight against Deadmans. Vice's wish is to free himself from Ikki's body and get his own body. He always plays around with Ikki and sometimes this leads to quarrels. But their fight always ends in a standup comedy style.

Wataru Hyuga as Daiji Igarashi / Kamen Rider ???

He is the second son of the Igarashi Family. He is shy. But has high pride. He is also an honor student with a clear mind and athletic ability. He is the captain of a special agency named Fenix which works under the direct orders of the government to fight the Deadmans.

In the Press Conference, he had commented that he will transform into a Kamen Rider. This might be the second rider of the series who will debut in November.

Ayaka Imoto as Sakura Igarashi

She is the youngest of the Igarashi Family. She is kind and pretends to be cool. But inside she is an adolescent and an active high schooler. She is excellent in both mental and physical skills. She has more potential than both her brothers.

Noritaka Hamao as George Karizaki

He is a Genius Scientist at Fenix's Genomics Laboratory. He had created the Rider System - Revice Driver that uses Vice Stamp. His character description also says that he likes the Kamen Rider Series and Big fan of Heisei Kamen Riders. Possibly the Past Kamen Rider Series was just Television Series in Kamen Rider Revice's world. This would explain why Kamen Rider Revice's forms are based on past Kamen Riders.

Even the actor Noritaka Hamao is a big fan of the Kamen Rider Series. During Press Conference, he had revealed that even his fan was a fan of the Kamen Rider Series and during childhood, he was nicknamed "Kuuga Boy" as he was born two months before the airing of Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Kurara Emi as Yukimi Igarashi

Mother of three. She wraps her family with love. She looks over there with gentleness and strictness. Her catchphrase is "No matter what happens, a person can revive by taking a hot bath".

Shigeyuki Totsugi as Genta Igarashi

Father of Three. He dreams of becoming a popular content creator and earns a lot of money. He is a sloppy father. But cares about his family.

Yui Asakura as Aguilera

She is a beautiful evil queen who controls the Deadsman. She has been alone since childhood. She doesn't believe in Love and considers family as fake happiness.

At the press conference, actress Yui Asakura had revealed that Aguilera's parents were human experimented on by Fenix, and because of which she wants to take revenge on them and crush them.

Actress Yui Asakura was a former Voice Actress and Idol with the stage name Mei Hanakawa.

Hayata Seki as Orteca

He is Aguilera's Right Hand. He is trying to revive the Devils who are being worshipped by Deadmans. He searches for humans with deep evil in them and sacrifices them. He makes them use Vice Stamp to give birth to the Kaijins - Deadman.

Kurodo Hachijoin as Furio

Aguilera's Body Guard. Similar to Orteca, he searches for humans who are suitable to become a sacrifice and create Deadman from the Devils inside them. He has a rough and combative personality.


Deadmans main aim is to revive the entity Gif in the modern world.


Junya Komatsu as Hiromi Kadota. He is a member of FENIX TRIBE.

Kazuya Tanabe as Yujiro Wakabayashi. He is a member of FENIX TRIBE.

Kazuya Tanabe had previously played Kota Fukuda in Kamen Rider Amazons.

Shiawase Yu Customers

Tomoya Oku as Hikaru Ushijima

Yoshihiro Yashiba as Tasuke Ushijima. The actor Yoshihiro Yashiba had previously played Tsumuji Igasaki in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Yutaka Saigoh as Shozo Irabu (Nickname - Buusan)

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