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Kamen Rider Revice Episode 1: "Family! Contract! Devil Whisper!" Episode Guide & Trailer

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 1: "Family! Contract! Devil Whisper!"

Air Date - September 5

Screenplay - Hanta Kinoshita

Director - Takayuki Shibazaki

Action Director - Jun Watanabe from Japan Action Enterprise

Special Effects Director - Hiroshi Butsuda from Tokusatsu Institute

Contract with the Devil inside you, a mysterious stamp that separates the Devil inside you... It's been 50 years after discovering the Gif Stamp.

An organization called Deadmans who worship the Devil is trying to revive the mummy of Gif using the remains found. They appeal to everyone to release the Devils inside them.

A Government Special Agency - Fenix is formed to fight against the Deadmans and keep the peace. Fenix Researcher - George Karizaki is in the process of developing the Revice System.

Leaving the fight aside, the first son - Ikki Igarashi is busy at a public bath - Shiawase Yu. He is helping regular customers. But behind is troubled by the thought of the Devil who is rampaging inside him and only he can see him. His brother Daiji Igarashi is going through an important day. He is going to be promoted as the Captain of Fenix.

But Ikki gets involved in turmoil on the day of Daiji's Inauguration. Along with the Devil which only he can see.

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