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Kamen Rider Revice Feature Film Spoilers

  • Deadmans attack a Genetic Research Institute and they steal Spider Vice Stamp. Revice Driver (not confirmed yet / temporary belt name) was also seen in this Institute

  • During Kamen Rider Revice's transformation, Ikki-kun breathes into the Stamp saying "Ha~" and behind him, a Chat Conversation like thing shows up. A chat conversation with Vice?

  • Kamen Rider Revi's Leg turns into Dinosaur and he can perform a Powerful Kick.

  • Kamen Rider Vice can breathe fire from his mouth and he can even generate a tail.

  • When Kamen Rider Revi stamps the Pteradon Vice Stamp on Kamen Rider Vice's chest, Vice turns into a Drone Bike.

  • When Megalodon Vice Stamp is used, Kamen Rider Revi transforms into a new form. He looks a bit like Kamen Rider Decade based on his appearance.

  • Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice can fuse to form Megalodon and performs their Finisher.

  • When the stamps on used on different items like a Bath Duck, Vice can possess that thing and become huge.

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