Kamen Rider Revice Leaks: Clear Images of Revice & Dino-Mask Rider

Updated: Jun 30

New leaks of Kamen Rider Revice are out. The dinosaur mark on his chest is now visible and even his suit designs. The belt is once again partially visible. But this is okay.

This is another Rider with the Dinosaur Mask which CraneJoe mentioned. The Dinosaur mark on his chest is reversed.

In this pic, the other Rider looks like the person who wears a costume and walks around the shopping mall to entertain kids. With Kamen Rider Revice having a scary face and the other Rider looking cute. Guess it brings the balance in the series for kids.

The Blue-Black Rider spotted on the Poster has the same White Line Designs on his mask as the other Rider. Guess both are one and the same.

The logo for Kamen Rider Revice has '50' written on it and looks like the belt is also a bit based on the 50 logo.

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