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Kamen Rider Revice Leaks: Daiji Igarashi's Rider Will Be Based On Ryuga, Evil Rider on Showa & more

I decided to dig the past entries on 5ch on Kamen Rider Revice's leaks and I found this one entry that correctly leaked about the Vistamps which are based on Animals and Kamen Riders.

The entry was on July 3rd which was well before the official announcement by Bandai. The entry says about Kuuga being Lion Vistamp, W being Falcon (Eagle) Vistamp. It also said about Decade's form appearing in the movie first.

Now talking about the new unreleased details in the entry. It seems like the 2nd Rider of the Series will use the powers of many Dark Riders like Kamen Rider Ryuga from Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Since Daiji Igarashi's actor, Wataru Hyuga had confirmed at the Press Conference that he is going to transform into Kamen Rider. He might be the 2nd Rider. Additionally in the recent CraneJoe Livestream, CraneJoe had said that Kamen Rider Revice's 2nd Rider Belt will be released on November 20. So the 2nd Rider might make an appearance on November 21. Something like in Episode 12.

The 5ch entry also says the Evil Rider of the series will be based on Showa Riders. Maybe this Evil Rider will use the Batta Vistamp which is based on Kamen Rider 1.

There will be three more additional Riders who will have Animals based on two Past Rider Kaijins. It seems they are trying to swallow earth.

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