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Kamen Rider Revice Promotional Video, Poster & Story Guide

(The video is region restricted so you need to use a VPN to watch it)

Igarashi Family was a simple family that runs a public bath "Shiawase Yu" (Happy Hot Water). The first son - Ikki Igarashi is a caring man with justice in him. He used to hear 'Devil's Whisper' from long back. He decided to ignore it.

Family is always first for Ikki. Shiawase Yu used to help his family help with meeting different people in the town. But due to Urban Redevelopment, Shiawase Yu was forced to evict at request. This was a big problem for them.

One day, Ikki and his family were attacked by the Kaijin Army lead by Deadmans. Because of his will to protect his family, Ikki realizes the Devil inside him. He properly listens to Devil's voice for the first time. Ikki makes a deal with Devil Vice with the spirit "Control Poison with Poison" and transforms into Kamen Rider.

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