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Kamen Rider Revice Suit Actors Announced

Japan Action Enterprise had released the list of actors who had appeared in Kamen Rider Revice Short Film. Among the list, we got to know who are the Suit Actors who are going to play Kamen Rider Revi & Kamen Rider Vice.

Yuya Nawata who had played Kamen Rider Zero-One is going to play Kamen Rider Revi. When it comes to the partner Kamen Rider Vice, he is played by Eitoku who is known for playing most of the Second Riders.

Eitoku in his tweet had mentioned that he is playing "Vice / Kamen Rider Vice". Since he had also mentioned "Vice" instead of only "Kamen Rider Vice". Looks like Vice will have a pre-transfomation form similar to the Imagins or Kikainoids.

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