Kamen Rider Saber Episode 17: "Ancient Messenger is Light or Show?" Episode Guide

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 17: "Ancient Messenger is Light or Show?"

Air Date - January 10, 2021

(Yeah, there is no broadcast next week that is January 3, 2021)

Screenplay - Mouri Nobuhiro

Director - Satoshi Morota

Action Director - Jun Watanabe from Japan Action Enterprise

Special Effects Director - Hiroshi Butsuda from Tokusatsu Institute

Touma Kamiyama (Kamen Rider Saber) is hesitating to fight his friends. That's where Sword of Light → Yuri (Kamen Rider Saikou) appears before him. Touma decides to separate from Sword of Logos.

He thinks why did this happen, what he should he do from now on. He is in deep thoughts.

Meanwhile, Storious & the Megids are trying to create a new Book using Humans. They take the advantage of Touma & others seperation from Sword of Logos and execute a new strategy.

Yuri appears before Touma once again and tells him "I want to see the World".

Touma guides him to the town.

On the other hand, Rintaro Shindo (Kamen Rider Blades) & others can't help thinking that Touma and the sword will betray them. But Reika Shindai orders them to retrieve the Seiken, Wonder Ridebook & also the Sword of Light as soon as possible from Touma.

She is now leading the Northern Base in the absence of Sophia. What will Rintaro and others do for such a hard task?

While Touma was guiding Yuri, Yeti Megid appears and rampages.

Touma transforms into Kamen Rider Saber and was about to attack and slash Yeti Megid.

Legeiel appears to stop him and tells him that Yeti Megid was a originally a human. Yeti Megid is Monthly Grimm's Editor in Chief Yuki Shirai. Touma is now once again hesitating on one more matter. Yuri commands him "If you want to save, you need to cut her down. That's all a Swordsman can do".

Megid appears once again and Mei, Touma run to the location. Yeti Megid attacks Mei, but Touma stops her as Kamen Rider Saber Dragonic Knight.

This time Yuri takes the lead as Kamen Rider Saikou and attacks Yeti Megid.

Kamen Rider Saikou summons Kamen Rider Saikou Saikou Shadow.

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