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Kamen Rider Saber Episode 25: "Crimson Assasin Dressed in Smoke" Episode Guide

Air Date - March 7 Because of the power of Primitive Dragon, Touma Kamiyama (Kamen Rider Saber) keeps losing control of himself and goes berserk. He steals Rintaro Shindo's (Kamen Rider Blades) Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book and transforms into Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon Lion Senki. He was about to attack Mei Sudo. But the one to stop him was Kamen Rider Saikou X-Swordman & Kamen Rider Calibur.

Touma sees a nightmare where he is in Berserk Condition - Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon & attacking Rintaro & others. Then moving to attack Mei. Because of this nightmare, Touma is worried that before fighting the true enemy from Sword of Logos & even Megid, he might hurt his friends. That's when the image of Luna asking for help flashes before his eyes. In order to overcome the danger, Touma goes through the books to find some clue to control Primitive Dragon.

On the other hand, Rintaro & Master Logos are monitoring Touma. Master Logos tells Rintaro about Touma's existence becoming a danger.

Meanwhile in Northern Base, Ryo Ogami (Kamen Rider Buster) & Tetsuo Daishinji (Kamen Rider Slash) are puzzled to hear the news of Kamen Rider Calibur's appearance. But they decide to focus on stopping Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon. They were trying to find way and that's when Reika Shindai appears before them. She takes the Sword of Smoke - Enei-Ken Noroshi in her hands and says "I will purge you guys".

She transforms into Kamen Rider Sabera and attacks them.

Mei takes Touma's Wonder Ride Book and calls up Rintaro. She gives him the Wonder Ride Book. What is she planning to do?

They are meeting after a long time. Touma also appears over there.

Touma will transform into Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon and attack Kamen Rider Sabera in Northern Base.

Due to losing control, he was about to attack Rintaro and that's when Kamen Rider Calibur reappears to stop him.

Screenplay - Takuro Fukuda

Director - Kazuya Kamihoriuchi

Action Director - Jun Watanabe from Japan Action Enterprise

Special Effects Director - Hiroshi Butsuda from Tokusatsu Institute

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