Kamen Rider Saber Episode 27: "Turn Sadness into Smile" Episode Guide

Air Date - March 21

Kento Fukamiya (Kamen Rider Espada → Kamen Rider Calibur) reveals that he had seen the future. Touma Kamiyama (Kamen Rider Saber) was trying to persuade him but Kento says "This is the end". He seals Tetsuo Daishinji's (Kamen Rider Slash) Seiken → Onjuu-Ken Suzune as per his words "I will seal all the Seikens to save the World from Destruction".

Touma hasn't given up yet. He decides to change Kento's stubborn mind 'to fight together' once again.

To do that, he first has to be able to control Primitive Dragon. He wants to save mysterious boy who appears in his conciousness when he is Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon.

He tries to talk with the mysterious boy by transforming into Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon inside Liberation (Training Place of Swordsman). He says to the boy that he will release him from sadness.

On the other hand, Legeiel wants to take revenge on Kamen Rider Saber. For that he power ups into Legeiel Forbidden with the help of Storious.

He screams gaining new power & attacks Kamen Rider Buster (Ryo Ogami) & Kamen Rider Saikou (Yuri). Yuri is fighting while believing in Touma.

Kento & Rintaro Shindo (Kamen Rider Blades) are looking at the battle.

Kamen Rider Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon is going to debut in this episode. Screenplay - Keiichi Hasegawa

Director - Koichi Sakamoto

Action Director - Jun Watanabe from Japan Action Enterprise

Special Effects Director - Hiroshi Butsuda from Tokusatsu Institute

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