Kamen Rider Saber Episode 32 Synopsis → Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki Debut

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 32: "My Thoughts, Crystallize"

Air Date - April 25

Screenplay - Hiroki Uchida

Director - Teruaki Sugihara

Action Director - Jun Watanabe from Japan Action Enterprise

Special Effects Director - Hiroshi Butsuda from Tokusatsu Institute

Rintaro Shindo (Kamen Rider Blades) couldn't forgive himself after knowing the value of his existence. After responding to the Touma Kamiyama (Kamen Rider Saber) & Mei Sudo's thoughts of trusting him, he got back his heart of not giving up. He started to believe himself once again.

Meanwhile, Master Logos makes his move. He is after the 'Power' sleeping in the Northern Base. He shoots an arrow that breaks the Northern Base's barrier. Because of this Reika Shindai (Kamen Rider Sabela) & Ryoga Shindai (Kamen Rider Durendal) were able to enter the Northern Base.

They aim at stealing Touma's Seiken - Kaen-Ken Rekka & his Wonder Ride Books. They appear in front of Touma & others.

Storious & Zooous who is very angry also infiltrate inside Northern Base at the same time.

In order to protect the power of Northern Base, the four swordsmen fight decide to split up & fight against the two enemies who have infiltrated.

Touma & Yuri (Kamen Rider Saikou) battle against Kamen Rider Durendal & Kamen Rider Sabela.

Ryo Ogami (Kamen Rider Buster) & Rintaro fight against their fateful opponent Zooous. But Zooous defeats Kamen Rider Buster.

Now it's up to Rintaro to save everyone from this crisis. He transforms into his new form Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki and defeats Zooous Forbidden.

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