Kamen Rider Saber Episode 41 New Stills: Sophia Waiting For Her Somen, Touma Eating His Somen & more

Touma & friends have a Somen party in Northern Base. It's the first time for many of them that include Yuri. It might also be the first time for Sophia and over here you can see Sophia's beautiful pic where she is waiting for Somen to flow through Bamboo to her.

Touma also enjoys this.

Mei will be in charge of placing the Somen on the Bamboo slide.

We'll get to see a special formation in this episode where you see Xross Saber fighting along with only Kamen Rider Buster & Kamen Rider Slash. They will fight against upgraded Charybdis Megid. The interesting this about this fight is that both Buster & Slash will use two Gekidos & Suzunes respectively. Guess Xross Saber had summoned one more Gekido & Suzune just for them.

Tassel will appear before Touma & friends and reveal his past and what would happen to Touma in the future.

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