Kamen Rider Saber Filming Wrap Up - Final Messages from Cast

Updated: Jun 26

Asuka Kawazu & Ryo Aoki were the first two Kamen Rider Saber cast to break the news about the Kamen Rider Saber TV Series Filming Wrap Up. This was soon followed by the remaining cast who have expressed their thoughts about working in Kamen Rider Saber via their respective social media accounts.

Syuichiro Naito who is the protagonist of the show has posted a long heartwarming message on his Instagram.


Kamen Rider Saber had wrapped up filming the other day. Honestly, I haven't realized it at all. I feel like when it turns tomorrow, I will act with everyone once again. Initially, I hated to stand in the middle. I wasn't mature. I couldn't do anything good compared to others. But every other cast member covered my back, even if I didn't work as the chairperson, even if I didn't care, even if I didn't want to get excited. From the middle, I wanted to stand in the middle of the cast till the end. I felt it from the bottom of my heart. I also expressed this to everyone. I am thankful for allowing me to stand in the middle for a long time. To everyone related to Kamen Rider Saber, I might be a fool, unreliable, and might have caused problems. But I am thankful for allowing me to play Touma Kamiyama till the end. I don't know whether it is because I was able to wrap up the filming with everyone. But this is how I feel from the bottom of my heart. "I am Touma Kamiyama from Kamen Rider Saber" The broadcast will continue. So please continue to support us.

Tomohiro Ichikawa who played Touma's second partner when all the Sword of Logos went against him has given his message on Twitter.


"#KamenRiderSaber" wrapped up filming successfully. I have joined from the middle as a mysterious man and then played Yuri / Kamen Rider Saikou for almost nine months. It was a joyful time. I want to thank all the Staff & Cast who have worked together to make this happen. Broadcast will still continue. Continue to Support us!

Eiji Togashi who had played a bit of a complicated character in the show had also expressed his thoughts on his Twitter.


Kamen Rider Saber TV Series Filming had Wrapped Up! Since everything is the first time for me, I was confused a bit. But everything moved so quickly and able to reach this day. I am full of feelings of thanks to everyone who had supported Ren Akamichi (Kenzan). Unbelievable things will happen till the Finale and you can't even imagine it. Please continue to support Kamen Rider Saber!

Ken Shonozaki who had joined the cast few months back had given his Final Message.


#KamenRiderSaber Filming Wraps Up! My days were energizing because of the excellent Staff and the beloved co-stars! I want to thank everyone who is looking forward to the show every week! Please continue to support us till the end!

By the way, Legeiel's actor Kyle Takano was also spotted on the set once again. Looks like he had decided to make a visit to see the final filming.

Koji Saikawa (Zooous) was busy with some other work. Hence he didn't get the chance to visit the final set. But he give a message on his Twitter.


#KamenRiderSaber Wraps Up! I wasn't able to go to the set because of the Stage Show. But I was able to make good memories with everyone by filming in one year. When I am up, I used to call up people to go out to play. Thank You for One Year! Continue to support us till the finale! Zooous will appear this week. Watch it!

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