Kamen Rider Saber HQ Scans: New Details on Kamen Rider Storious, 9 Swordsmen Rise Up & more

Kamen Rider Storious uses Grimoire Wonder Ride Book to transform. The transformation page has the face of Kamen Rider Storious with his hand.

But you look at the last page. There is the face of someone unknown (kinda reminds me of Humagear face) and it also has a grasshopper just below it. Could Kamen Rider Storious have one more form?

Kamen Rider Storious has abilities to teleport and attack energy waves. He controls four mysterious swordsmen who will cause problems to human society.

Reika, Ryoga, and Ren join Touma and friends. The nine Swordsmen get ready for the final battle with Kamen Rider Storious.

The new user of Kamen Rider Calibur Jaaku Dragon is standing along with Saikou in the final battle.

Mei-chan & Sophia will make Onigiris for the Swordsmen. These are the events from Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 42. Someone a made a big onigiri which Daishinji will try to eat. Even Rintaro likes Onigiri.

No sight of Kamen Rider Hybrid Saber. Guess it won't be covered in the magazine if it's a big CG Robo. For now, here's the new scan of Xross Saber fighting Desast in Chapter 42.

Here are the Toy Exclusive Heisei Rider Henshin Senki, Showa Rider Henshin Monogatari & Reiwa Rider Henshin Shinwa Ride Books. Reiwa Rider Henshin Shinwa has the cover and pages hidden. Let me guess. It has Kamen Rider Revice on it?

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