Kamen Rider Saber Hyper Battle DVD Trailer & New Stills

Televi-kun Hyper Battle DVD "Kamen Rider Saber: Gather! Hero! Explosion Dragon Terebi-kun" was uploaded today in Toei's Official YouTube channel. The trailer revealed that Mei is working on a Children Magazine. Touma, Yuri, Rintaro, Ryo & Sora-kun are helping her.

Touma is seen going through Kamen Rider Ghost Chouzenshuu book. Is this because Kamen Rider Ghost is written by Takuro Fukuda who is now writing Kamen Rider Saber?

Ahiru Megid is going to appear in this Hyper Battle and for some reason Yuri calls him as "Ultimate Villain Darkler". I guess he is referencing Swordman X's villain.

Mei is gonna do her research with that cute specs on & she will also be seen eating eclair.

Rintaro, Ryo & Sora will be seen wearing strange costume. What's wrong with them?

Storious will also join the Hyper Battle with his own version of the Kids Magazine called "Megido-kun".

After Explosion & Flying looks like this is going to be Slash's third meme material.

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