Kamen Rider Saber New Insert Song Announced + "Rewrite the story" Release Info

Director Kazuya Kamihoriuchi had announced on his Twitter about the new Kamen Rider Saber Insert Song which will broadcast on a show for the first time in Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 43: "Clash, the value to exist.". Kazuya Kamihoriuchi will be directing the episode and it will focus on Ren Akamichi (Kamen Rider Kenzan) & Desast.

It still hasn't been announced who will be singing the new insert song. Could it be Ren Akamichi's Actor - Eiji Togashi and Desast's Voice Actor - Koki Uchiyama?

Kamen Rider Xross Saber's Theme Song - "Rewrite the story (Short ver.)" will available on multiple streaming sites from July 9th.

Full Version of the "Rewrite the story" will be available on Kamen Rider Saber CD-BOX.

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