Kamen Rider Saber Short Anime Episode 3 Trailer & Synopsis → Sophia Shows Her Mischievous Side

Kamen Rider Saber's Short Anime - Separate Volume - Kamen Rider Saber Short Activity Manga Collection Episode 3: "Save Sophia, Electric Shock Escape Game" is going be streamed on March 28th.

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Since there was some free time, Sophia decided to renovate the Northern Base to have fun by trapping Kento Fukamiya (Kamen Rider Espada), Ryo Ogami (Kamen Rider Buster), Ren Akamichi (Kamen Rider Kenzan) & Tetsuo Daishinji (Kamen Rider Slash) to play an Escape Game. But by mistake she trapped herself. Will Kento & others be able to clear the Escape Game and save Sophia?

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