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Kamen Rider Saber the Movie Also Announced! Zero-One the Movie new Poster & Teaser!

Yeah, I know. This has been already leaked a day back. But this is going to be the official announcement from Toei. Along with Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie we are also going to get Kamen Rider Saber the Movie! It's not known whether the two heroes will crossover at the end just like the early Movie Taisen Series. But it is for sure that Kamen Rider Zero-One's part will have more focus than anyone.

The new poster shows Kamen Rider Eden on many panels holding the Thousand Jacker as if he is ruling the world. There destroyed building as featured in the early teasers of the movie is still being featured but Kamen Rider Zero-One has a different pose this time.

I wonder if the movie will still follow the original teaser story of Humans Vs Humagears.

When it comes to Kamen Rider Saber, it teases a forbidden book with an ghostly image of an swordsman "The Immortal Swordsman" who will be the main villain of the movie. He is also seen holding his Seiken which seems to have similar design as that of Saber, Blades & Espada's Seiken. So I believe that he will also use the Seiken Swordriver.

Both are movies are double billed and will release on December 18 as long as pandemic doesn't interrupt again.

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