Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger TV Crossover Details: Resistance from Staff Since Planning Stage

To commemorate the release of Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki, there will be Crossover between Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger on TV. Though it is titled "Movie Release Commemoration Combined Special", it won't be 1-hour show. There will be connected separate stories in Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger broadcast.

Kamen Rider Saber's side will be Special Chapter: "A world where World Pirates come and go". Since it is a Special Chapter, there is the possibility that the story of the Special Chapter doesn't have direct continuity from Chapter 43. Even Chapter 43 ended with Storious gaining Grimoire Wonder Ride Book.

In this Special Chapter, Zocks appears in Kamen Rider Saber's world while chasing Orihime Warudo. Touma and others are shocked to see Zocks dancing during Henshin. You'll get to see Touma's unusual expression in this crossover.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger's side will be Episode 20!: "Swordsmen and World Pirates. A brother's oath". Reika Shindai & Ryoga Shindai will appear in Zenkaiger's World. Both of them are always cool so they get puzzled in the beginning to witness the comical world of Zenkaiger. But slowly in the episode, they will get used to it.

At the end of the episode, four of the male Zenkaigers and Ryoga will wear female costumes.

The idea of Crossover was brought up by Kamen Rider Saber Producer - Kazuhiro Takahashi by saying "Let's do 'Combined Special' in commemoration of movie release?". But Zenkaiger Producer - Chihiro Inoue resisted the idea by saying "Don't look at Zenkai Brains that easily!" "Saber which is near ending will get dissolved full throttle!".

Even though both the shows are by Toei and broadcast on TV-Asahi, there is a lot of work to be done for this. But that wasn't the main reason for resistance. Just like Chihiro Inoue said, Saber's staff didn't actually understand the terrifying 'Zenkai Brains'.

In the end, it was Screenwriter Nobuhiro Mouri who accepted the idea. He said, "Rather than having a defensive attitude, let's go with Saber getting stimulated by Zenkai Brains!". With this, it is going to come true next week.

Tojitendo who had captured all the Parallel Worlds will send Orihime Warudo to Saber World and Hikoboshi Warudo to Zenkaiger World. Orihime and Hikoboshi are the deities who meet once a year on the day of Tanabata (July 7). Yatsude will have a line in the show "Tanabata is already over".

(Source - Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger TV-Asahi Website, Zenkaiger Episode 20! Toei Page)

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