Kamen Rider Store & Kiramager G-Rosso Closed As Staff Tested Positive for COVID-19

Last day of the year. Some have expected that things will get good in 2021 and some still believe this will be 2020 part-2. Things were pretty much fine in the Tokusatsu Industry compared to mid year where so many Tokusatsu celebs got infected including Kiramai Red's actor, TV Series filming stopped, Movies got postponed etc.

And here's the last blow to Tokusatsu Industry...

Kamen Rider Store Tokyo's staff has been tested positive for Covid-19. Store will be closed till it's safe to re-open.

Similar to Kamen Rider Store, even Kiramager G-Rosso staff has been tested positive for Covid-19. G-Rosso will be closed till January 3rd.

Atleast Ultra Heroes EXPO 2021 is safe.

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