Kamen Rider W's Gong Teyu (Jun Kazu / Utopia Dopant) Announced His Marriage

Actor Gong Teyu who had played Jun Kazu / Utopia Dopant (also Kamen Rider Eternal Red Flare) had recently announced about his marriage on his Social Media Accounts. Though it is not revealed who he is marrying to, he had expressed his feelings in the message both in Japanese & Korean.

Translation (Japanese part):

"To everyone who supports me and everyone related.

Sorry to bother you about something related to me in this time of the year.

I want announce about my marriage to the person who I have been dating for a long time.

We would like to spend beautiful & peaceful days which understanding each other. We would be happy if you look over us with your warm hearts.

I would be waiting to meet everyone in Japan & Korea once this COVID-19 infection ends soon. Please take care of yourself till then.

2021.5.1 Gong Teyu"

Translation (Korean part / Google Translated):

"To fans, staff, colleagues and seniors who always give warm support. In this poetic play, I was able to greet you. Thank you for watching us warmly in the future. We look forward to meeting you and wish you health and happiness.

2021.5.1 Gong Teyu"

(If anyone in the comments knows Korean, please correct the Korean part of the message)

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