Kamen Rider Zero-One Final Stage Could Introduce Kamen Rider Ark Zero-One

Yesterday there was an Announcement for the Blu-ray of Kamen Rider Zero-One Final Stage & Cast Talk Show which is going to start from today. This announcement featured Aruto and Izu. Izu had mentioned that there is going to be Ark Zero-One Progrise Key which will come with it.

As many of you know, Final Stage has been featuring exclusive Riders & Forms every year. So Ark Zero-One could be the exclusive Rider which might be featured at the Final Stage. The Progrise Key could be a Ark-One or Ark-Scorpion type of Progrise Key.

P.S. The above image isn't Ark Zero-One. It's Kamen Rider Zero-One Limited Red version featured on Limited Hiden Zero-One Driver. This image was just used for thumbnail.

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