Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME New Promo → Aruto is Going to Die as Hell Rising Hopper?

All these time, Toei and the magazines were strangely making us think that Aruto might not be Kamen Rider Zero-One Hell Rising Hopper. But the new trailer proves that Aruto is Hell Rising Hopper. But when he was going to use the Hell Rising Hopper Progrise Key, Esu asks him whether he is planning to die?

Hell Rising Hopper is so powerful that it seems to turn everything around him into hell. By the way, in this 15 seconds promo, there is a new scene when Kamen Rider Eden waves his Thousand Jacker and absorbs all the energy in the world and attacks Kamen Rider Zero-One Metal Cluster Hopper with that. Aruto is heard shouting to stop.

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