Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL × TIME Promo 3 & Pics Out → Gai Amatsu 1000 % Vs Akira 100%

New Promo & images were unveiled for Kamen Rider Zero-One the Movie: REAL×TIME and it is focused on ex-President of ZAIA Enterprise Japan → Gai Amatsu & Akira 100%'s ZAIA Enterprise Japan Managing Director Masao Nodachi.

Masao Nodachi is kidnapped by Gai Amatsu & others and it seems he knows something about Esu. Masao Nodachi says "100% I will not talk" and "100 % You can't stop Esu" for which Gai Amatsu replies "You are 1000% Suspicious" and "We'll stop him 1000%".

Then you can see Fukkinhokai Taro, Bingo Bengoshi & Mashiro-chan playing around with him to make him speak. Mashiro-chan is seen holding him and spinning around.

Fukuzoe-san & Yamashita are also seen at the place. Fukuzoe is seen holding Nodachi-san by his Tie. Hope this becomes a cool scenes because both the comedians are shows their skills as an actor in this movie.

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