Katsumi Daido / Kamen Rider Eternal is Teased To Appear On Spirits Magazine!

Futo Tantei's Twitter had teased that Mitsuru Matsuoka who had played Katsumi Daido / Kamen Rider Eternal in Kamen Rider W is going to appear in Big Spirits Comic upcoming Interview that will be published on Spirits Vol. 48. This will be released on October 26th which will also have the Final Chapter of Futo Tantei Manga. Just like other casts he will also have Photoshoots.

Big Comic Spirits have covered all the cast from Kamen Rider W. Though Queen & Elizabeth & Terror Dopant's actor was not done yet. But we are getting Eternal, so we can assume this will be the last one now.

More information about Mitsuru Matsuoka's appearance in the magazine will come out soon!

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