Kenichi Suzumura Had Asked Kiyotaka Taguchi To Make Yuichi Nakamura's Garza Say "Unite" in Kiramager

News was out a week back about Ultraman Z's Kiyotaka Taguchi to direct Kiramager Episode 32 & 33. The same was talked about in Radiranger which aired on November 6th.

Radiranger's Host Kenichi Suzumura who voices Mashin Fire had talked about meeting Taguchi-san and conversation with him. During the conversation it seems he had suggested him to let Yuichi Nakamura who is the voice actor of Garza & also Ultraman X, to say "Unite" in Kiramager. But it's not known whether this will happen. If it happens then it will be a reference to Ultraman X!

Hope Sugita Tomokazu (Voice of Oradin & Ultraman Ginga) also gets to refer Ultraman Ginga in someway. They did it for Kamen Rider Ginga previously though.

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