Kento Fukamiya / Kamen Rider Espada is the New Kamen Rider Calibur

When we saw the Trailer for Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24, everyone might have questioned this. "Who is the New Calibur?". Some said it could be Saikou Shadow as Yuri was the original owner of Ankoku-Ken Kurayami. But how & from where did he get the Ankoku-Ken Kurayami in the present? It had disappeared with the disappearance of Kento. Of course let's not forget we got a end credit scene which showed us that Kento is possibly be alive.

So the new Kamen Rider Calibur should be Kento Fukamiya.

He is the rightful person who can take up the legacy of his father Hayato Fukamiya the previous Kamen Rider Calibur.

Just to back it up, Japan Action Enterprise had revealed the list of Suit Actors who are going to appear in Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24. Among them the one who was listed is Kamen Rider Espada's suit actor - Yuji Nakata. So he is going to play Kamen Rider Calibur.

That's not all. Kento Fukamiya's actor Ryo Aoki had made a strange tweet on Saturday that he wants to revive.

Translation of the Tweet

"Good Evening!

It seems Aoki has been haunting people in dreams recently

Fu I want to Fukkatsu (Revive)

Ka Kami-sama (God), Takahashi-sama, Fukuda-sama

Mi Minna's (Everyone's) Feelings

Ya I want to blend in making a Yaku (Character)

Ke I like Kento! I really love him!

N N...!! Espada is cool

To Toriaezu (For now), won't I revive now?

Please watch tomorrow's Kamen Rider Saber"

It seems like he was pointing out everyone on Episode 24 trailer where the surprise revival of Kamen Rider Calibur was revealed.

It was previously believed that Kento as the new Kamen Rider Calibur will be on the evil side. But looking at the trailer, it seems like he is fully able to control the power of Ankoku-Ken Kurayami and hence helping Yuri to bring back Touma from being out of control.

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