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Kiita Komagine (Zenkaizer) Reveals That He Was Discovered by Talent Agent Via Instagram

When any actors have been asked about how they entered the industry, they would usually say like auditions, scouted on the streets, or from a magazine. But in case Kiita Komagine (Kaito Goshikida / Zenkaizer) reveals a new story of entering the industry. That is being found on Instagram. He talks about this in his recent interview with Walkerplus.

I got a DM from the Talent Agency (Horipro Digital Entertainment). I am a person who usually doesn't think much. I felt like for now I meet them. If I think about it now, it was really an interesting thing. (laughs) That time I was in High School 2nd year. Instagram was trending that time so I thought of starting. It was a self-sufficient world. I used to post things about my life. I never thought that would connect to this work. Because I used to study at an Agricultural School, I used to post pics of myself holding a hoe in the field, cultural festival and memories of my school days. It was a tool to see what students of other local school were doing.
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