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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 1!: "Kikai's World is Strange & Mysterious!!" Episode Guide

Air Date - March 7

Director - Shojiro Nakazawa

Screenplay - Junko Komura

A world with Infinite Number of Parallel Worlds. These Worlds suddenly fell in the hands of Mechanical Lifeform Kikainoid World's Evil Dynasty - Tojitendo and have been trapped inside Tojiru Gear. The only world that was left was that of main character of the story - Kaito Goshikida. For some reason, Kaito's world and Tojitendo's world - Kikaitopia got merged together.

But Kikaitopia's Kikainoids & Humans from Normal Earth threw away their difference and began living together within a month of merging.

It wasn't too far that Tojitendo made their next move. Kikainoids began to rampage and attack.

Peaceful days were over & about to be destroyed. With the Item developed by Kaito's parents, Kaito makes a strong decision to protect the lives of both Kikainoids & Humans.

The first friend he made was Red Colored Kikainoid Guy - Juran. Kaito met him for the first time during his first battle where Juran saved a child who couldn't escape.

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