Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 10!: "Whether it's Day or Night, it's Blue Sky!" Episode Guide

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 10!: "Whether it's Day or Night, it's Blue Sky!"

Air Date - May 9

Director - Shojiro Nakazawa

Screenplay - Junko Komura

TwoKai → Goldtsuiker Family encounters with Tojitendo & Mahiru Warudo in the streets. Mahiru Warudo (Mahiru is Japanese for Midday) is upto something. Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaizer) & the Zenkaigers reach there to fight him. But Mahiru Warudo takes hostage and tries to run away. Zocks Goldtsuiker (Twokaizer) attacks him recklessly.

Even though Zocks had promised about restraining piracy, he has no consideration for the general public involved. He doesn't mind to put people in danger.

Kaito asks Zocks about the reason of coming to their world.

Kaito is full of doubts on Goldtsuiker family. He was watching them & decides to infiltrates inside their Flying Battleship - Crocodai-Oh.

Zenkaigers and World Pirates Family

Will there be a new dawn for their relation!?

By the way, isn't it too bright today?

Looks like Mahiru Warudo had played his tricks and turned the whole 24 day into literal day. There is no darkness and may be due to that people can't sleep.

Zenkaigers will figure out a way to defeat Mahiru Warudo and turn the World back to normal.

In the Robo fight of Zenkai-Oh VrooMagine against Dai-Mahiru Warudo, VrooMagine will wear 3D Glasses converted Sunglasses to beat Dai-Mahiru Warudo tricks.

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