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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 11!: "Crossing the World is Playing Tag?!" Episode Guide

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 11!: "Crossing the World is Playing Tag?!"

Air Date - May 16

Director - Ryuta Tasaki

Screenplay - Junko Komura

Cutanner & Ricky compete among themselves.

Onigokko Warudo (Onigokko is Japanese for Tag Game) had appeared. He turns both of them into ogre for tag game. Who ever defeats Onigokko Warudo first will be the winner.

For Sister, for Family, Brother had decided to fight against the ogre. He will continues to swing his sword till all the ogres are destroyed.

Who will survive in the end? Is it ogre? or is it people?

......Now Run!!!!!

If you get touched by Onigokko Warudo, then you will be turned to ogre & forced to play tag against your will. This way the number of ogres increase like an infection.

Even if Ogres are Ogres, it's Tag game even for Zenkaigers!!

Zenkaiger tries to fight against this. But if they touch anyone, they'll also be turned into Ogre. So they decide to fight from a distance.

Not even Goldtsuiker family, nor Kikainoids, nor Humans were able to escape this!

Cutanner & Ricky end up touch Vroon (Zenkai Vroon). So even he gets turned into an ogre.

Flint Goldtsuiker creates a power for her brother Zocks Goldtsuiker (Twokaizer).

It's Full Throttle Tag Game Battle.

Who will win!?

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