Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 2: "Gaoish Beast is Troublesome!" Episode Guide

Air Date - March 14

Mushroom! Mushroom! Mushroom everywhere!

For some reason, mushroom started growing on people's heads. World was filled with Mushrooms.

Turns out Tojitendo had used the Tojiru Gear inside which World of Mushroom (Japanese - Kinoko) - 'Kinokotopia' trapped, to give birth to Kinoko Warudo.

On the other hand, Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaiser) & Juran (Zenkai Juran) who had successfully transformed into Zenkaiger in episode 1, were about to transform to stop Kinoko Warudo. But he runs away.

Zenkaigers now have three Geartlingers left to be used. Kaito & Juran tries to gather members to become Zenkaigers to fight against Tojitendo. But both humans & Kikainoids seem to be not worried too much as it's just a mushroom which is growing on their head.

A Kikainoid named Gaon gets Heartstruck seeing Kaito. He decides to approach him.

He likes the living beings of this world.

He just wants to be friend with Kaito and not much interested in fighting.

But that's when Tojitendo attack once again. Because of Poisonous spores of mushroom, humans began to struggle with pain. Cute mushrooms growing here & there doesn't seem to end well.

Director - Shojiro Nakazawa

Screenplay - Junko Komura

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