Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20!: "Swordsmen and World Pirates. A brother's oath." Episode Guide

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20!: "Swordsmen and World Pirates. A brother's oath." Air Date - July 18

Director - Satoshi Morota

Screenplay - Nobuhiro Mouri

Hikoboshi Warudo attacks!!


Can you hear the Yohohoi's Song nearby?

Yohohoi had powered up! So his voice!

Yohohoi World Pirates' shadow reaches the people of Saber World. What kind of destiny will this twist take us to?

The story continues from Kamen Rider Saber Special Chapter.

Zocks Goldtsuiker (Twokaizer) has stolen the treasures. Shindai Siblings - Ryoga Shindai (Kamen Rider Durendal) & Reika Shindai (Kamen Rider Sabela) comes chasing him to Zenkaiger's world. They consider Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaizer) & Kikainoids as friends with Zocks and attack them.

Hikoboshi Warudo appears over there searching for Orihime. Reika and Magine (Zenkai Magine) get kidnapped.

Kaito & friends join hands with Ryoga and start searching for Magine and Reika.

Zocks returns back to Flint Goldtsuiker thinking that he has nothing to do with it. But he does feel something about Ryoga as he also has a sister like him.

Even being a crossover with Kamen Rider Saber, this episode will also be the debut of Super Twokaizer. Due to the same reason, Zenkaiger's crossover is numbered unlike Kamen Rider Saber which is a "Special Chapter".

Reika will get to fight together with Magine in the crossover. Reika's actress - Mei Angela is a big fan of Magine in real life.

Dai-Hikoboshi Warudo will setup Tanabata setting around the place.

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