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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25! Guide - A Saburo Hatte Episode

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 25!: "Do it again! Zenkaiger once again!"

Air Date - August 29

Director - Kyohei Yamaguchi

Screenplay - Saburo Hatte (Under Supervision of Main Writer Junko Komura)

Saburo Hatte is the common pen name currently used by Toei TV Producers for the Super Sentai series. But in the case of Zenkaiger, all the episodes excluding Episode 20 (Kamen Rider Saber crossover) are written by Junko Komura. So it's not clear what does it mean by Saburo Hatte is in charge of the screenplay and who actually is taking the name this time.

By the way, Episode 25! is a semi filler episode.

It's been half year since Kikai World merged with Kaito Komagine's (Zenkaizer) World and the trouble started. Magician, Troubler has now joined. There have been Sushi Tournament, Garbage handling episodes. There was Red Fight, Red Challenge (Zenkai Red Spin-Off), and new expansions in the story.

There was also Devil Prince, Different Worlds beyond the Worlds, Twokai Pirates, Heart is always Blue Sky!

Dodging the demons (Ryoga / Durendal & Reika / Sabela) of the crossing worlds, going slow, going forth once again!

Even Zenkai Vs Twokai, Memories of Retro.

Magnets, Club, Falling in Love Super Zenkai!?

Writing down the Battle Record of brother and there we have it - Kaiju and Gattai!!

If you have enjoyed Vacation then why not once again... Let's do Zenkaiger once again!!!!

As per Production Note, because it was only Shotaro Ishinomori featured as the creator in Superhero Senki, Saburo Hatte's blood is boiling. He is the creator of the Super Sentai. He had ordered the Staff to do Zenkaiger once again.

Hidokei Warudo (Sundial Warudo) appears. Kaito and others transform into Zenkaiger to fight him.

Because of Hidokei Warudo's abilities, the time has returned back to the day when Tozitend began their invasion.

He is trying to break Zenkaiger's promise by interfering with the past.

Kaito still didn't have Geartlinger that time and he still hasn't met Juran. Even so, Kaito decides to become Zenkaiger once again and protect the world once again.

But Kaito's memories gradually disappear...

Hidokei Warudo uses the suit of Mahiru Warudo with the arm of Retro Warudo.

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