Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 3!: "Majide nu-nu-nu Magician!" (Really a Magician!) Episode Guide

Air Date - March 21

Maji ka!? Maji de!? Maji da!! (That's literally the lyrics of Life is SHOW TIME / Kamen Rider Wizard OP)

Mushrooms have been removed. They were taking Ice-cream break and the next Tojitendo threat is Ice.

Ajirude creates Koori Warudo (Ice Warudo) using Kooritopia's Tojiru Gear. He turns everything in the town to Ice.

Zenkaigers now have three members & they are still searching for more members in this world frozen by Koori Warudo (Ice Warudo). They fight against Koori Warudo but slip then slide just to crash with a Kikainoid named Majine. She is a Fortune Teller, Otaku & has Shy Personality.

It seems like Juran (Zenkai Juran) knows Majine.

"Let's fight together"

Majine is already pretty much worried about the situation of world changing rapidly from Kikai, Mushroom and now to Ice. Over that Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaiser) is calling him to become Zenkaiger.

What will happen to Majine? What will she do?

Kaito reveals that he likes Fortune Tellers and ask her to predict the whereabouts of Koori Warudo. But her predictions end up being incorrect.

Director - Ryuta Tasaki

Screenplay - Junko Komura

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