Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 4!: "VrooVroo Big Nosy!" Episode Guide

Air Date - March 28

Director - Ryuta Tasaki

Screenplay - Junko Komura

Zenkaigers now has 4 members and they have one more left.

Tojitendo's Cleaner - Vroon has many questions & he runs to Commander Ijirude for getting the answers. But instead of getting the answers, he is only told "I am aware of it". Because of this, he runs away from Tojitendo.

On the other hand, a strange gong rings and Boxing starts in many places where there are people. People began boxing against each other. This was caused by Boxing Warudo who is born the Tojiru Gear containing Boxingtopia.

Zenkaigers confront the Boxing Warudo. At the same time, Vroon is being chased by Kudakku. He interrupts the fight of Zenkaigers and ends up meeting with the Zenkaigers.

Vroon's Curiosity Engine starts to work meeting 'Knowledge that expands the World'.

Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaiser) & others help Vroon run away from Tojitendo. To this, Boxing Warudo announces Tojitendo Cup. People who find Vroon and defeat him will be the Champion of Tojitendo Cup.

Vroon is now chased even by people who have turned into Boxers by Boxing Warudo.

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