Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5: "Grip and Sushi Tournament" Episode Guide

Air Date - April 4

Director - Satoshi Morota

Screenplay - Junko Komura

Zenkaigers finally have 5 members! But unexpectedly Kaito Goshikida (Zenkaizer) hears his parents name from Tojitendo's Ex-Cleaner - Vroon (Zenkai Vroon). Vroon tells him that he did hear the names of his parents in Tojitendo. Could this mean that his parents - Isao Goshida & Mitsuko Goshida are in Tojitendo? He doubts that if Vroon and others can come to their world then there is a possibility that his parents could have gone to Tojitendo's world.

Meanwhile, Sushi Warudo is born from the Tojiru Gear that trapped Sushitopia. Zenkaigers fight against Sushi Warudo.

Kaito was letting his guard down. Sushi Warudo finds Kaito and helds him together with Juran (Zenkai Juran) & a Bench like a Sushi.

Similarly even people are held together like them. Kaito feels guilty for them. Kaito's head is only filled with his thoughts on his parents. Because of this he can't even do the simple helping people. Kaito is depressed. Juran tells him something.

On the other hand, Gaon (Zenkai Gaon), Majine (Zenkai Majine) & Vroon execute a deadly operation.

But Action Commander Barashitara stands up against it.

Who will gain Victory? Whether it's Zenkaiger or Tojitendo?

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