Kimi wa Boku o Terasu Hikari - Kamen Rider Zero-One: aruto ja naito book Released

To dive deep into Kamen Rider Zero-One, Libre Inc had released an Official Kamen Rider Zero-One book titled "You are the Light that Illuminates me - Kamen Rider Zero-One: aruto ja naito book".

The cover features Izu and Aruto looking at each other which represents the trust between Humagear and Humanity. The story of how good intentions and bad intentions that grew together. Only because both existed, we got to see an unique world like this.

This book will continue the Interview and Round table discussions between many actors. A total of 16 sets that goes like this.

  • Aruto & Izu

  • Fuwa & Yua

  • Horobi & Jin

  • Aruto & Gai - Interview between two Presidents

  • Round Table Discussion between Human characters - Aruto, Fuwa, Yua, Gai

  • Round Table Discussion between Humagear characters - Izu, Horobi & Jin

  • Humanity Vs Humagear Round Table Discussion - Aruto, Horobi & Jin

The Interview & Round Table Discussions is not only with the human / humagear characters. There will also be Interview & Round Table Discussions with Suit Actors too.

  • Yuya Nawata (Kamen Rider Zero-One, Kamen Rider 001, Kamen Rider Zero-Two & Kamen Rider Ark-One) & Kosuke Asai (Kamen Rider Vulcan)

  • Seiji Takaiwa (Kamen Rider Horobi & Kamen Rider Ark-Zero) & Eitoku (Kamen Rider Jin, Kamen Rider Thouser & Kamen Rider Ark-Zero)

  • Valkyrie Focused: Hiroe Igeta (Yua Yaiba / Kamen Rider Valkyrie) & Satoshi Fujita (Kamen Rider Valkyrie & Fighting Jackal Raider)

  • Jin Vs Thouser Focused: Daisuke Nakagawa (Jin / Kamen Rider Jin), Eitoku & Nachi Sakuragi (Gai Amatsu / Kamen Rider Thouser)

There will also be photoshoot for each character. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the book now!

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