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Kiramager Episode 31, 32 & 33 Synopsis: Garza Gets Serious with Kiyotaka Taguchi Directing

Episode 31: "Toy"

Air Date - November 15

Screenplay - Naruhisa Arakawa

Director - Hiroyuki Kato

Oradin decides to not to stay with Kiramagers and returns to Atamaldo. He had made the promise to save them when they are in trouble. Even the Kiramagers can't call him lightly whenever they wanted as he is a King.

Meanwhile, Yodon Army makes a surprise attack in the city and the Kiramagers don't have time to call Oradin.

Episode 32

Air Date - November 22

Screenplay - Naruhisa Arakawa

Director - Kiyotaka Taguchi

One day, Sayo Oharu (Kiramai Pink) gets asked for a date by her Medical College classmate named Yuujin Kusaka. Kusaka is a globally known genius in Genetic field.

Kusaka seems to say something but couldn't say that because of nervousness. Sayo seems to like him.

Why do I feel that this Yuujin Kusaka is going to be some Ultraman actor?

Episode 33

Air Date - November 29

Screenplay - Naruhisa Arakawa

Director - Kiyotaka Taguchi

Even being the brother of Oradin, Garza had decided to join Yodon Army as the Commander. But now he is getting impatient because all his plans of Earth Invasion are getting failed because of Kiramagers.

Now his anger against his revived brother Oradin and against Kiramagers is getting deeper. He begins his plan to erase both Kiramager and Oradin by putting everything at stake.

Pretty interesting thing about this scan is that they have actually kept the name of the Director for both Episode 32 & 33 a secret. This is pretty much first time for them to hide the name of the director in the scan. This explains greatness of Kiyotaka Taguchi.

Episode 34

Air Date - December 6

Screenplay - Kaori Kaneko

Director - Kyohei Yamaguchi

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