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Kiramager Scans: Emperor Yodon Arrives, Mabushiina Gets Drunk, Yodonna Gets Ice-Cream & Curantula...

Kiramagers had defeated one of the powerful Jamenjuu... and the very next moment... Emperor Yodon arrives on earth!

Galza's Jamental had enhanced and he took control of King Express by forcefully removing Mashin Zabyuun from the Gattai. This gave birth to Evil King Express which has red eyes.

Grateful Phoenix and Gigant Driller will struggle to fight him.

An Ice-candy man will be confronted by Yodonna and it looks like he give all the Ice-candies to Yodonna.

That's where her tongue part comes in.

Kiramager Christmas Episode News!

Curantula, Yodonna and Bechatto will form an Rap Group in Yodonheim.

Curantula will also take control over Turn Table Gomoryuu Jamenjuu which is Bat motif Jamejuu with DJ Disk face. He will also perform Rap inside it.

By the way, even in Crystallia they celebrate Christmas and it's called Crystas. It's one of the important day in Crystallia.

This month's Jamenshii will be Golf themed Golf Jamen. He will challenge Kiramager for Golf. He comes along with Caddy Bechatto who has good knowledge on Golf equipments.

So Golf Jamen's weakness is the hole on his head and the Kiramagers will defeat using Kiramental Ball... maybe Hole in one?

She defeats Monstone and then also kicks Golf Jamen. Even causes trouble to Ice-candyman.

Meanwhile, Mabushiina has got drunk just by drinking Japanese Tea. Her drunk figure is shocking. She takes Shiny Breaker and searches for Kanaema Stone... but ends up finding Monstone.

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