Kiramager Scans: Emperor Yodon Arrives, New Yodon Commander, Tooth Decay & Cat Jamen & more!

Yodonheim's Yodon Emperor makes his appearance on earth and he is a special Jamen having three faces. To defeat him, Kiramagers have to find the last Kanaema Stone → Illusio.

Meanwhile, a new Yodon Commander appears. He is called Shadon. He is a sniper and hunter. He also wears a hoodie.

There is going to be an epic sword battle between Kiramai Silver and Galza.

The newest Jamen of the month gives tooth pain to the Kiramagers. He is called Mushiba Jamen and Mushiba is Japanese for Tooth Decay. To defeat him, Kiramai Blue will borrow Shiny Breaker from Kiramai Silver and give a drill treatment to Mushiba Jamen. Then we have Harigane Jamen who can disguise as a human and also control the minds of people. Harigane means wire.

Lastly there will be Maneki Neko Jamen who has a Cat head and can make people act like a cat.

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